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Why are Mercy Housing California and Openhouse pursuing this development?

MHC and Openhouse have previously worked together on the development and operations of two LGBTQ+ affirming housing communities just across the street at 55 Laguna and 95 Laguna. It is envisioned that the proposed new construction will add to the "campus" of Openhouse Community at 55 Laguna, Marcy Adelman and Jeanette Gurevitch Openhouse Community, Bob Ross LGBT Senior Center, and the Blatt Holstrom LGBTQ Senior Community Center properties.

What is the planning process?

Mercy Housing plans to apply for entitlements in Winter 2022 through the Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval process, under Senate Bill 35 (SB35), which allows for a ministerial review of a Planning Application. A development qualifies for SB35 if it consists of 50% or more affordable housing, is in basic compliance with the Planning Code, and involves no demolition of housing units or a historic structure. The ministerial planning review process allows the Planning Department to approve the applications without a Planning Commission public hearing since only developments that are essentially in compliance with the Planning Code are allowed to apply under the Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval Process.

Mercy Housing also applied for and received a State Density Bonus. The State Density Bonus allows developments that exceed a certain base level of affordability to increase the allowable density of the parcel.

What are the steps to qualify for residency at 1939 Market?

Information regarding occupancy qualifications will be posted to the website at a future date. For specific questions regarding occupancy at 1939 Market, please use the project Contact page.

Who are the architects for this development?

The architecture team is Paulett Taggart Architects / YA Studio. For over 25 years, Paulett Taggart Architects (PTA) has focused on the design of creative, thoughtful, economical, and livable affordable housing throughout San Francisco. PTA brings extensive experience in designing housing to serve diverse, low-income individuals and families and in working with community-based non-profits. YA Studio is focused on bringing an innovative and modern approach to design and is dedicated to social responsibility.

How can I get updates about this project?

For updates on the project, please visit this website regularly, join our contact list, and use the Contact page to request additional information.

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